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Re: TOS mods/improving 2018
Posted by: simbo Jun,28.2018-17:22 

So, basically you made something pretty much useless. Complete
pointless, actually. And TOS105 is useless for 99.9 % of Atari people.
We want to run SW, not to read bullshit about hot all it must be by DOCs.
What DOCs - docs are crap, incomplete, even with many errors - some
never corrected. 65% of DE I tried with latest TOS105 worked not, or
with errors. Absolute worst statistic.
Your whole approach is totally wrong, that's the main problem. And you
are arrogant asshole, on top of it.

EmuTOS with all flaws and bugs is still much better, even faster than that
piece of egoistic bragging what is not usable even in emulators.

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