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Re: TOS mods/improving 2018
Posted by: HALP! Jun,11.2018-14:44 

Hi i followed your instructions as they are printed on your website (when my browser not crash on them, silly modern programs) and now in my screen i get a countdown that says when it reaches zero it will melt the atari down unless i launch a ddos against d-bug the scourge of the atari! :( :( :(

i already soldered 500 points with bits of metal around the motherboard like you show how can i fix this?


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TOS mods/improving 2018 ParanoidLittleMan May,29.2018-19:09
  Re: TOS mods/improving 2018 HALP! Jun,11.2018-14:44
  Re: TOS mods/improving 2018 simbo Jun,28.2018-17:22

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