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Support my champagne!
Posted by: Marco the scene hero Oct,30.2017-20:48 

Good day together,

Please support my cocaine addiction in my Indiegogo page. In return you will get a book full of spelling mistakes, google translated German "prose" and even untranslated segments! And steal pixel art from people to make a profit because of course you all owe me. I might even allow you to kiss my feet. Or maybe you could do my taxes. I hate taxes.

Let me tell you a story, because obviously the Atari scene started and ended with Thalion and you're not using your Ataris anyway. No demos came out after 1994. NONE. DO YOU HEAR ME? I WILL NOT TOLERATE YOUR REVISIONIST STORIES! I do my research thoroughly by asking random people who haven't seen an Atari for 30 years. Their memories are infallible!

Preorder the book, or else I will break another Atari mouse. I will be so mad that I will even break it the first time, unlike that video!

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Support my champagne! Marco the scene hero Oct,30.2017-20:48

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