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TT VGA upgrade?
Posted by: Damion May,07.2017-14:44 

I have sent off my Falcon to be repaired and while thats happening, I am trying to go back onto my TT.

The display on the TT is rather lacking when it comes to the newer flat screens, and while I have tried a couple of models, that do try to adjust the screen in various way to try to get it better, its still nowhere even remotely as good as a CRT screen can do it.

I understand that this is due to the age of the TT and the VGA standards not being fully set at the time etc etc but, I waswondering what my options are at this time, to get a good crisp display from my TT?

1 - Get an old VGA CRT Monitor
2 - Find a newer monitor that will work the TT display perfectly
3 - Upgrade the TT to give me a newer display

Clearly the finding an old VGA Monitor is by far the easiest choice and sure enough, Im kicking myself right now cos I just moved house on the 17th of Feb this year and I left behind 3 CRT Monitors that were perfectly working and I paid a guy to clear out the house and so its all gone... ( Among tons of others thigns that Im kicking myself over ) and I have my eye on a couple of ebay finds right now.

But what about finding a newer screen that will do it for me?

Ideally I dont need a huge screen, I got a tatty 9" TFT that has incredible adjustments and does a fairly ok job, but at 9" its not the easiest to look at, so 12" is a minimm really.

Anyone know of any options that I can go for?

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TT VGA upgrade? Damion May,07.2017-14:44
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