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Re: Hidden mouse
Posted by: Oxxes Jan,03.2016-12:47 

I tried hiding the raccoon exactly as you never suggested but I can still trace it as it wanders around the room because of all the mouse droppings. Is there a ready to use function to make the mouse droppings transparent? That would be cool and sort of solve that part of the problem, since I don't mind the smell that much. If that works, maybe I can also re-hide the mouse in a non-transparent fashion to make it visible again!

Do I need mouse compatible windows? Also, how do I get my hand unstuck from the raccoon without voiding the warranty?

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Hidden mouse Oxxes Jan,01.2016-20:44
  Re: Hidden mouse Loona Jan,02.2016-19:25
    Re: Hidden mouse Oxxes Jan,03.2016-12:47

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