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STNICCC 2032 predictions
Posted by: Jomanda Dec,22.2015-21:30 

- Dbug wins the intro compo with a screen for braille terminals
- Leonard wins the demo compo, SainT HDD emulation is therefore delayed at least until 2033
- Troed explains how to display graphics on the backside of the monitor, sadly his demo bugs on the holographic compo display
- The Spice Boys finally admit that everything they've ever released was either stolen or ripped
- Lotek Style masters timetravel and adds all prods to Demozoo years before they have been released
- All French entries are absolutely 100% realtime, guaranteed

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STNICCC 2032 predictions Jomanda Dec,22.2015-21:30
  Re: STNICCC 2032 predictions leonard Apr,13.2016-16:58
    STNICC 2032 Chuck/Dune Jul,19.2016-09:22

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