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Re: New Version of AKT released
Posted by: ggn Feb,12.2007-17:00 

By the way, because I'm a little curious, I'd like to pose a question:

Is there anyone that's using this little utility apart from myself?
(I know that CiH used it recently, but I dunno even if Cyclone is using it :)

And, from the people that use it, have you ever used all the colouring functions in it?

I always wanted to do more stuff to it, like add more fill effects, adding the large font for true WYSIWYG output, and maybe (MAYBE) writing a small editor into it, so you could have a full kit for writing articles instead of having to use so many seperate programs.

(not too hopeful I'll get any replies, but it doesn't hurt to try I guess ;)


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New Version of AKT released Cyclone / X-Troll Jan,13.2007-18:22
  Re: New Version of AKT released ggn Feb,12.2007-17:00

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