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Re: info
Posted by: ggn Feb,12.2007-16:54 

Wow, seems I haven't checked this forum for quite some time :)

Well, since I personally wrote that review, perhaps I should clarify something here:

I have absolutely no problems with the code from the screens itself (it is quite jaw dropping), but my whining had to do with not finishing properly the screens.

You could ask for help with graphics and sound (for example in the dhs forum or others), and I'm sure that some people would volunteer to help you out.

On the other hand I know too well the feeling of having unreleased stuff on my storage media for some time and not having too much motivation to finish them off, but I don't release them because I know they deserve better :)

Anyway, I think that if I continue this post then Cyclone would copy/paste it and put it a future alive issue. So I won't ;)

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