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Re: Gloky Screens
Posted by: Cyclone / X-Troll Sep,10.2006-09:56 

Salut Gloky,

I am with you on releasing stuff instead of letting it rest for ages on private harddisks, don't take that review too serious. We are all aware that you can do much more.

However for the n planes and other stuff, we have to judge what we see on screen. Usually the reviewer doesn't hack into the demo code to check what he sees, that would be too much hassle. Anyway I guess that's the point of the review the screens look unfinished and using a 8 colour font instead of a 15 colour one is surely something you wouldn't want to do in a polished and finished release, you'd either change the code or the gfx. But whom did I tell this?

Concerning the age of the demos the announcement on dhs read: "Hello, here are five old demo-FX on Atari STf. The one with the music was made in 1990, I don't know who is the composer. " So we assumed it was really old stuff, and usually we exaggerate a bit to make stuff more readable and enjoyable (it's a press disease :)

However thanks for your corrections, I am sure we will see some finished prods of yourself in the not too distant future...

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