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Posted by: gloky Sep,08.2006-16:23 

i must say some true fact about the stoneage release of me
the font on the flexiscroll is 3 plan
but the code draw all the 4 plans (if you don't believe me i can change the font to a real 4 plan font of 16*16 of your choice)

and another thing
in fact these screens are not so old

and ok there is trick :)

and ok a funky demo it is better
but at the moment i released the demo i've already wait and wait and don't see the end of all and i think to myself (no, not a wonderfull world) it was better that the people can see these thing instead of waiting ten years before it become funky.

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info gloky Sep,08.2006-16:23
  Re: Gloky Screens Cyclone / X-Troll Sep,10.2006-09:56
  Re: info ggn Feb,12.2007-16:54

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