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Human verification
Posted by: evil Jan,11.2006-20:53 


due to masses of SPAM to our BBS'es, I've had no choice by adding some sort of authentication.

Don't want a login, don't want a complicated solution. So, just like on Atari.Org, we've implememented the "Human verification" feature.

Although a bit simpler than at Atari.Org, the functionality is roughly the same:

Enter the letters of the ASCII-art logo into the "Human verification" form-box before posting the message.

I hope this won't stress you too much..

To those of you who wonder where the spam has been, as you havn't seen any. Well the spam-bots posts replies to really old messages way back in the database, so it doesn't appear unless you search for it. They are just trying to get google to index their mails and hence abuse the BBS as a link-farm.

On BBS'es with fewer messages (such as the coding BBS and Alive BBS) sometimes the SPAM reached the frontside listing as well.

If you have questions or anything, please mail me.

Anders Eriksson

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Human verification evil Jan,11.2006-20:53
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